May 11, 2017

Preparing tomato seeds for planting

Fully ripe disease-free tomatoes are the best candidates for seed saving. Saving tomato seeds entails nothing more elaborate than squeezing a bit of the seed-gel mix out of the cavity of a tomato fruit into a glass, then air drying them, but fermentation is a better route.

Place seed in a bottle or jar. Fill the container with a couple inches of water. The seed will start fermenting by the next day.
The seed gel contains inhibitors that keep the seeds from sporting while they’re still inside the fruit, but it’s easy to leach and ferment these inhibitors away by adding some water to the seed-gel mix.

Shake the bottle each day and the pulp will come to the top and good seed will go to the bottom. After three days the pulp and bad seed can be drained off, and leaving the good seed that went to the bottom. Rinse the seed and place on cloth or paper towels to dry.
Preparing tomato seeds for planting
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